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Check out this adorable dog who knows how to bark quieter on command! Too cute! ~ Jonesin' for puppy love!

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we lub mums!

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This is a special blog post from all three of us. We hope our Mummy and all Mums have a very special day. Mums are the best!  They are always there to cuddle with us, make us yummy nom noms, care for us when we're sick and lub us even when we make mistakes. We lub Mums!

Happy Mum's Day to all Mum's out there! 

Starbuck, Hampton & ZuZu

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Update Nov 15: We are submitting this post for the anipal photohunt theme #14 - MOM!

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I'm a joyful springer!

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Hey anipals! Check it out! I'm a guest STAR on thejoyfulspringer blog!

This blog is about "joy, about springing into a joy-filled life". We lub to visit this blog because it makes us happy and gives mummy lots of smiles! I am so happy to be a guest STAR. ZuZu and Hampton will be making their appearance on there too! Make sure you read their joyful springer story too!


Here are the links for ZuZu and Hampton Monroe's guest star appearances:

Hug with abandon (ZuZu and Hampton Monroe)

You don't need an audience (ZuZu)

Start small (Hampton Monroe)

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video: ZuZu not sharing her bone with me but that's ok...right.

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Video Part 1:
Starbuck says: Hi ZuZu, just seeing what you're up to. I'm not trying to get close to your bone or anything. Just thought I'd give your paw some kisses. --> play video