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Dear Dog Blog,

Guess what! For Valentine's Day, M&D got me my very own camera and ZuZu got another t.b. (ZuZu thinks I lost out)!

I've decided to call my camera, Hammie's Cammii (named after Daddy's new camera - Cammii Zunon)

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to have a vote to see who you think captured the better photo, me or Daddy?! Let us know by commenting either "Hammie or Daddy"

Here's Daddy's photo from his Cammii (is it fair he used a cute beagle as his model?):

Here's my photo from Hammie's Cammii (can you see the back of my jowls and drool? BOL!):

For those wondering how I captured my photo, M&D set it on video mode and they helped to screen capture one of the images from the file.

So, what do you think? Vote by commenting, "Hammie or Daddy"!

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