final submissions for #extremeolympicpeeing event on twitter

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@Baxtertheboston and @clyde_with_a_y please accept 2 more submissions for the #extremeolympicpeeing event!

Granted these were taken last year when I was a wee pup but I wanted to show my pee skills in the snow!

Front view:
Back view:

Howling Hampton

p.s. readers: we find out Saturday who wins gold, silver, bronze!


BAAARROOOO! I won a bronze! I won a bronze! Mummy, Daddy, ZuZu and Starbuck are soooo happy for me. They are crying and jumping for joy. Thank you @clyde_with_a_y @baxtertheboston. Special thanks to Clyde's mom for the pawesome poster. Can u see me? Can u see me?

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