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Its FurFriend Friday!

Meet the funny but sensitive Barney!

Fun Facts: Barney is a handsome basset hound who brings much happiness to his human family not only with his funny faces and clown skills but also with his compassion and love. He loves to swim and make new friends. See more pics of Barney on his website: http://www.barneythebasset.info. You can also follow him on twitter @barneythebasset and send him a friend request on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Barneythebasset

Thank you for being our FurFriend Friday Barney! Lub ya!

Share a photo of your FurFriend on our weekly "FurFriend Friday" blog posts! Send an email to grace (at) puppyjones (dot) com with the photo and a fun fact about your fur friend(s).

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