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Dear Dog Blog,

The other day I got a package in the mail from my facebook furiend, Beggie! Beggie recently went up to live with Starbuck at rainbow bridge. We all miss her very much, especially her Momma. It was Beggie's 17th birthday in October and to celebrate his Momma sent all of Beggie's furiends small gifts. Beggie's Momma is just way too sweet.

Here are some pictures of the package we got:

We got a beautiful letter and pictures of Beggie

Here is me opening up the package with ZuZu's help

I gots a cute Canadian Beaver, cookies and greenies!!!

Me and ZuZu and our new Beaver!

Me and the Beaver are BFFs...

We is waiting on our noms


ZuZu wants me to pay special attention the the 2nd last line of Beggie's letter "Share with ZuZu!"

Beggie's pictures and letter are up on our fridge for me to look at and read everyday

Thank you Beggie and Maja! I lub my gifts! xxoo

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