i heart goofy

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Ok, so when M&D came back from Disneyland they brought back Goofy and Dumbo for me and ZuZu.

We was so excited about our new stuffed toys BUT we soon found out that these are not for shredding! Mummy said something about memories or something and went so far as to hide Goofy from me (I just could not keep my paws off him, can you blame me?)! Anyway, being the super sniffer that I am,  I found Goofy's hiding spot!! Mummy tried to hide him up on top of some boxes but I found him!

 Here is me climbing on top of a shoe rack behind Mummy's golf clubs just to get him:


I thought I was in the clear but then Ruh Roh!...sadly I got caught. Umm...no Mummy, those aren't my drool stains!

Mummy gave me a short lecture and I promised I wouldn't do it again but 5 minutes later...here is me looking for Goofy again....Hey, where did he go??!!

Until the next adventure,
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