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Dear Dog Blog,

The other day we discovered a very special kind of plant. Mummy told us that if we make a wish and blow on the flower, our wish will come true. I thought that was pretty special so I decided to call it the wish flower. Here is me being very careful and taking a sniff at it.

ZuZu was nervous and didn't want to get too close. She hadn't figured out her wish yet.

Here is me thinking very hard about what I want to wish for. There are so many things: cookies, bigger portions for dinner, more meals during the day, getting into the garbage without getting caught, figuring out how to open the fridge without getting caught, or winning this photo contest, the list goes on and on...

After a while were finally ready to make our wish. Me and ZuZu had trouble blowing on the flower so Mummy helped.

I hope our wishes come true. Can you guess what I finally settled on? What would you wish for?



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