Playdate with Duke the Beagle

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We has so much fun with our friend Duke who visited us from Toronto. Duke flew here from Toronto with his M&D for a visit. Until yesterday we were only friends via the internet but happy we can now say we played together in real life! We miss him already (especially me).

Here is us while we meet and greet. You can see in the first pic ZuZu and I did a tag team sniff to check his id. After that I followed Duke around everywhere he went.

Here is a few pics of Duke checking out our garden. Doesn't he look sweet?

After our meet and greet at our house, we decided to go for a walk to Princess Park nearby. Duke is also crazy about his ball like ZuZu. Here is Duke with his Mum, Heidi, and Duke with his ball resting under a tree.

After we played in the park we went for an unexpected hike. M&D forgot which way to go home BOL! so we showed Duke and his Mum the scenic way home. Here is me posing, looking small in the big forest!

You can see more pics of us at the park with Duke on his Mum's website. Duke's Mum takes really nice photos.

I was really sad to see Duke go. I was a babypup and cried when he left. Daddy took this video of me as Duke and his Mum were leaving. The clip was much longer with me crying but we cut it short cuz I embarrassed. I hope Duke comes back to visit again soon!