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Dear Dog Blog,

I decided to start my gardening early this year.  Here I am sniffing things out and planning how I want things to look.

The last thing I want is for my garden is for it to look like everyone else's. So I decided to try out some new things.  Mummy says instead of having 'green' paws I have 'heavy' paws. But isn't that exactly what a good gardener needs?! See Exhibit A and B below. I think the flowers look better closer to the ground, don't you?

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I'm not sure how happy Mummy is with all this but I think its all just a matter of taste! Speaking of taste, in the middle of all this gardening I started to get a bit hungry. Here I am trying to nom on some flower leaves but Mummy caught me and said they aren't for nomming on. Do I look disappointed?

Well after all this sniffing, stomping, digging and re-organizing I decided it was time for a nap. Best part of gardening is a good nap after a hard day's work!


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