chewing shoes today - FAIL!

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Today I was in the mood to chew on some shoes (one of my favorite past times). The tricky thing about chewing shoes though is that for some reason Mummy and Daddy don't like it when I do it. I don't understand why not - they are smelly, good for my teeth and when I do chew on shoes M&D come home with new ones (which they always seem happy about). Anyway, here is how my attempt to chew Daddy's shoes unfolded today:

Here I am trying not to attract any attention. My mouth is in the right position and I am just waiting for the right moment to CHOW DOWN!

UH OH...I think someone is coming...Daddy is calling my name.

I quickly close my eyes to pretend I'm sleeping!

It doesn't work, Daddy has found me out. I try to tell him "Daddy, I'm only using the shoe to rest my head" but he just rolls his eyes at me. Hrrrmmmph!

Ok, Daddy isn't convinced....need to give up on this one (for now)...

1 minute later....

"Oh, hi again Daddy...I'm just resting my head...."

*sigh* Chewing shoes was a FAIL today but there is always tomorrow!

Until then,
Hampton Monroe
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