hampton monroe, aka zoolander!

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Hi everyone! We is so excited! A magazine based in India asked to feature our t-shirts and I volunteered to be the model! Look at me! Look at me!

This is the cover of the magazine...inside on page 10-11, there I am!

Here is the picture up close. Do you think I did a good job as the model? Am I zoolander or  not? BOL!

More about the magazine: WOOF! The Mag with a Wag! was launched in Mumbai by the renowned dog organisation, ‘Canines Can Care’, in 2002. Since then, the magazine has been a hit with dog lovers all over the country. It is the first magazine of its kind in India.

Cool huh? Puppy Jones goes international! Next stop, Bollywood! BOL!

Here are some of the out takes from the photoshoot:

 Oops...I had to wipe my nose!
M&D said we were looking in the wrong direction in this one and the setting just wasn't quite right.

BOL! We all had lots of fun doing our photo shoot. I especially liked all the yummy noms I got for it. I  told M&D that in the future I won't wake up for less than 100 noms, BOL! Just kidding!

If you want to see more of our Puppy Jones clothing line, you can click on our shop icon. M&D are in the middle of figuring out which charity they will donate a % of the sales too. If you have any ideas or nominations, let us know! 

Hampton the model
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