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Dear Dog Blog,

Daddy brought home a present for Mummy the other day. *Sniff sniff, sniff, sniff!* At first we thought it would be something fun for us all...

Then we found out it's a Roomba! Bah!!!!!!!!!!

Mummy was so happy (aka brainwashed!) she decided to call it "PuppyBot". Here she is trying to convince ZuZu to lub it too.

But we know better. We know this "Puppybot" is another form of the evil vaccum. We also know he will be our biggest competitor when it comes to nomming on yummy left over crumbs!!! So we quickly decided to read up on the enemy PuppyBot in our strategy to defeat him!

It got a bit too complicated for me so I let ZuZu try to figure things out while I tried a different strategy.

I dressed myself up in the bow Mummy lubs so much and put myself in the PuppyBot box in hopes that Mummy would realize she doesn't really need PuppyBot. "Hi Mummy! You don't need a PuppyBot! You already have me and I'm cuter!"

Despite my efforts and no matter how cute I looked, Mummy said PuppyBot stays. Boohoo!

Hmmm, I wonder how ZuZu is doing reading up on that manual?

Hampton Monroe
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