mummy and daddy are back from vacation!

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About 10 days ago Mummy and Daddy left for 'vacation'. At first I didn't know what they were talking about and what this would mean. I've never experienced M&D leaving for 'vacation'. ZuZu tried to explain it to me but I just didn't understand. Then G-ma and G-pa came over to stay and take care of us. They spoiled us lots with yummy nom noms, we spent everyday in the gardens,  slept and played in the sunshine.  ZuZu was extra spoiled because G-pa played ball with her all the time. I quickly found out that vacations are pretty cool :)

Yesterday Mummy and Daddy came back from their trip. I was so happy to see them! ZuZu and I fought to give them kisses. They were both on the floor by the time we finished!

After re-uniting as a family I had 1:1 time with Mummy. I wanted to make sure it was really her. Mummy is that really you?

After Mummy smiled and reassured me I felt it was ok to be myself again wif her.

I quickly jumped into her lap and let her give me snuggles.

I is soo happy that our family is back together again!

Hampton Monroe
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