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Dear Dog Blog,

Ever since I was a little pup I just could not stand riding in the car. Even if it meant we was traveling to the beach, park, cousin Moby's or BFF Charlie's house. Every time I'd get in the car I'd drool excessively, puke and sometimes even pee cuz I was so scared.

To help me with my anxiety, M&D bought me a special thundershirt. The thundershirt helped and soon I could ride in the car for up to 45 min without puking! Our vet also helped me with some homeopathic remedies.

This is a pic of me with my thundershirt a few months ago. Can you see how upset I was in my eyes?

Over the last few weeks I'm proud to say I made another breakthrough in overcoming my car anxiety. I recently discovered the joys of sticking my nose out the window. I realized I could smell lots of yummy things and it feels nice to have the wind blow in my face.

Today M&D took me and ZuZu out for a hike and they decided to try letting me ride in the car without my thundershirt. And guess what! I did it! I was able to ride in the car without my thundershirt and there was no drool, no puke, no piddling and I was still brave enough to stick my nose out the window!

M&D are so proud of me and ZuZu is no longer rolling her eyes at how pathetic I am in the car. I'm so glad I'm getting better and pretty soon we'll be able to go on a big road trip! aroooooo!

Here's a pic of me, ZuZu and Mummy on the trail today.

Here's to many more car rides and road trips in the future!

Hampton Monroe
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my 10th birthday ♥ dog blog ♥ zuzu (schnauzer / heeler)

Dear Dog Blog,

On June 20th I celebrated my 10th birthday!! M&D say this is a milestone birthday. Does this mean I'm a a big girl now?

For my bday present M&D, Hampton and Starbuck in spirit, got me a 'basket of balls'. Check out my pictures:

My basket of balls and other bday decorations. M&D hid these from me.

Hampton checking out all my stuff that was hiding from me.

Hampton giving me a bday kiss. Me, not so excited about that.

Daddy bringing out my prezzie. I'm so excited!

Sniff Sniff Sniff...let me at 'em!

Look! I go straight for t.b.!!!

Hampton wondering what all the excitement is about. He doesn't lub balls as much as I do (a good thing).

Happy bday to me! I lub bdays!

I had a pawesome day, filled with lots of lub, noms and balls!!!

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wordless wednesday ♥ dog blog ♥ zuzu (schnauzer / heeler)

Isn't the iris pretty? And so big too!...Well, good thing we have a picture of it because shortly after Hampton, our beagle, ate it! GRRRRR!!!
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furfriend friday! ♥ dog blog ♥ shadow (beagle)

It's FurFriend Friday! Meet Shadow!

Shadow is a 7 1/2 year old beagle. You can find him on Facebook under his nickname Cuddly Bear. Shadow is very sweet, loving and a very happy Beagle. He is always looking for new ways to hunt. He loves food the most and besides that he loves his family, friends and walks outside. Shadow has a Pmeranian brother and 2 cat sisters. No matter where he goes people always stop and smile at him. In pictures he's not so happy to look at the camera but he will always stay and let his mom snap and take pics.

His fan page on Facebook is!/pages/Shadow/119725084769622

His regular Facebook page is!/profile.php?id=100002280182323

We're so happy to have Shadow as our furfriend this week! Thank you to Shadow's Mum for the lovely write up and picture. We can totally understand why his nickname is Cuddly Bear!

furfriend friday! ♥ dog blog ♥ tiggy (maltass huskpomtzoodle dascherrier) & holly (resuce pup)

It's FurFriend Friday! Meet Tiggy and Holly!

Fun Facts: Tiggy (on the right in the photo) is an 8 1/2yr old rescued Maltass Huskpomtzoodle Dascherrier. He lives the ultimate Vancouver lifestyle with his Humans and his newly adopted rescue dog sister Holly. This past winter Tiggy took Holly on a snowshoeing adventure and this summer he plans on taking her salmon fishing in Nootka Sound. Be sure to visit them on their website:

We are so happy to have Tiggy and Holly as our FurFriends this week! 

Share a photo of your FurFriend on our weekly "FurFriend Friday" blog posts! Send an email to grace (at) puppyjones (dot) com with the photo and a fun fact about your fur friend(s).
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a modern dog ♥ dog blog ♥ zuzu (schnauzer / heeler)

Dear Dog Blog,

OMD! OMD! I am a full-page model in Modern Dog Magazine! This is a pic of my feature Mummy took from her iphone (that's why the color is off):

Here is me looking at my picture in disbelief!

Here is Hampton looking too. I hope he's not jealous!

You can read all about the day of the photoshoot on one of my previous blog posts "CNTM (Canada's Next Top Model)" BOL!

Mummy says she is so happy cause I'm turning 10 in June and this is one cool way to celebrate this milestone!



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