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Dear Dog Blog,

The other weekend M&D took us on one of their hikes. We ended up getting lost on the trails and what should have been a 1 hour hike turned out to be closer to 3! Daddy blames it on the map he had (uh huh). Luckily we weren't too deep in the forest. We got lost cause we kept going on the wrong trails and basically went round and round in circles!

The trail we were on looked a lot like the setting in the show "Once Upon a Time" (the show is actually filmed here in BC). We think the setting looks like the forest that Snow White walks through on the show. Here are some pics Daddy took from our little adventure. Mummy says these  photos would be perfect for our very own story book ♥.


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Dear Dog Blog,

It's Hammie vs Daddy photo time again! Read about what this is all about here.

Here is Daddy's photo taken with his Canon. You can see I'm wearing my cammii:

Here is my photo taken with my cammii:

Which do you like better? Photo taken by a human or by a beagle?!

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xo Hammie
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Dear Dog Blog,

Our garden aka my salad bar is in full bloom!  nom nom nom!

This is a comic M&D drew of me last year. Is life imitating art or art imitating life?

Click to view larger

See more comics of me on our comic blog!


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Dear Dog Blog,

Last night a super moon light up the night's sky. The moon was extra big and round and deserved a few howls. ArrOOOooo! ArrOOOooo!

Here is a pic of the super moon over me (moon over my Hammie - kekeke!): 

And a better look at what the super moon looked like from our home in North Vancouver, BC, Canada:

xo Hammie

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Dear Dog Blog,

We have the bestest friend ever! We absolutely lub our facebook friends. They are so caring, sweet, kind-hearted and always put smiles on our faces.

Yesterday we got a really cool gift from Giselle, Vincent and the beagle ninjas. A giraffe stuffed with a plastic bottle!!! How smart (in case you didn't know, beagles lub lub lub plastic bottles)!

Here is some pics. And as well, some pics from the sweet valentine and easter cards we received from our friend Sadie and her Mum.

xoxo to you all!

A perfect gift for a beagle! See Hammie coming to get it in the background?

tug-o-war! 'it's mine, no it's mine!!'

om nom nom...ears taste good!

kisses! thank you sadie for the pretty card!

This card has my paw of approval!

Our valentine's day and easter cards from Sadie!


self appreciation ♥ dog blog ♥ hampton (beagle)

Dear Dog Blog,

I randomly declare today (and every day) to be self-appreciation day! kiss kiss...lick lick!

Oh hello!

Anyone watching me?

Sniff Sniff!

Is that really me?
Puckering up

*Nose taps*

Kiss Kiss! Lick Lick!

Hampton Monroe
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