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QT with Beiber the Beaver ♥ dog blog ♥ hampton (beagle)

Dear Dog Blog,

Here is some pics of me spending some much needed QT (quality time) with my newest bff, Beiber the Beaver.

Picture of me and Beiber on our best behavior

Playing hide and go seek...can you spot Beiber?

Cheek to cheek

Beiber helping me with my posture

Beiber helping me look cute for extra noms!

Thanks again to Beggie and Maja for Beiber. I heart him! xoxo

Hampton Monroe

hampton's 3rd birthday pawty ♥ dog blog ♥ hampton (beagle)

Dear Dog Blog,

For my 3rd birthday I had a mini pawty with ZuZu and a new puppy friend named Noella. Here are some pics from my pawty:

The look on me face when Mummy told me "Noella" was coming (who's Noella?)

Me sniffing out Noella's I.D.

Discussing plans for the pawty

Noella feeling right at home!

Us waiting on the peanut butter noms Mummy baked for us!


Noella giving me a birthday kiss.
ZuZu is nowhere to be found! She didn't want to put on a hat.

Happy birthday to me! Can I have my cake now?

Noella pooped from the pawty

Me pooped from the pawty!

I had a great time and had nommy treats. If only it was my birthday everyday! xxoo



our snoopy bed! ♥ dog blog ♥ hampton (beagle) ♥ zuzu (schnauzer / heeler)

Dear Dog Blog,

Lately on facebook we've noticed quite a few beagle friends with a really cute snoopy bed. We were so surprised and happy when our dear friend Sadie sent us one in the mail!!! It was so unexpected and sweet, just like when Beggie sent us prezzies for her birthday.

Here are some pics of our first day with our snoopy bed:

Hampton giving Sadie kisses for the prezzie

Hammie says this is the perfect size, just for me!

ZuZu decided to try out the snoopy bed and posed for a pic
but Hammie's nose got in the way (is he jealous?).

ZuZu shifts to the side so Mummy can get a good picture of her with Snoopy, BOL!

Here we all are, Sadie, Snoopy, Hammie and it time for treats now?

We are so thankful for our furiends on fb who are so thoughtful and send us prezzies like this. Lub ya Sadie & Mummy!

Hampton & ZuZu
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mail from beggie ♥ dog blog ♥ hampton monroe (beagle)

Dear Dog Blog,

The other day I got a package in the mail from my facebook furiend, Beggie! Beggie recently went up to live with Starbuck at rainbow bridge. We all miss her very much, especially her Momma. It was Beggie's 17th birthday in October and to celebrate his Momma sent all of Beggie's furiends small gifts. Beggie's Momma is just way too sweet.

Here are some pictures of the package we got:

We got a beautiful letter and pictures of Beggie

Here is me opening up the package with ZuZu's help

I gots a cute Canadian Beaver, cookies and greenies!!!

Me and ZuZu and our new Beaver!

Me and the Beaver are BFFs...

We is waiting on our noms


ZuZu wants me to pay special attention the the 2nd last line of Beggie's letter "Share with ZuZu!"

Beggie's pictures and letter are up on our fridge for me to look at and read everyday

Thank you Beggie and Maja! I lub my gifts! xxoo

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is there something wrong with this situation? ♥ dog blog ♥ hampton monroe (beagle)

Dear Dog Blog,

The other night as Mummy was cooking dinner I decided to lay down and watch her from the kitchen table. Mummy wasn't too happy about this when she turned around to find me there. Can someone tell me, is there something wrong with situation?


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happy howl-o-ween! ♥ dog blog ♥ hampton monroe (beagle) & zuzu (schnauzer / heeler)

Dear Dog Blog,

Well its that time of year again and Mummy busted out the piggy outfits again.

At least we don't have to be Snooki and the Situation from Jersey Shore like we were last year (click here for our picture)!

Mummy seems to be in lub with these piggy costumes. We only had one we all had to share but she got her paws on another one and now we is two piggies.

Maybe this will mean we can eat like piggies too??!!

Two little piggies, aka
Hampton and ZuZu

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