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Hi everyone! I want to thank you all for my birfday wishes over the last few days. It felt really special getting birfday greetings from all over the world (Italy, Spain, UK, Australia, USA, China...). I even got a shout out from Walter Bishop from our favorite show Fringe!!!

Here are some photos from my birfday pawty:

Me sniffing out a box that smells like peanut butter (could that be my birfday cake???)

Has the pawty started yet???

ZuZu helped me open my present....

Is this really what I got? A nail clipper and ear cleaners???

Feeling bummed about my 'practical' gifts...

Oh wait! Mummy & Daddy were playing a trick on me. This is my 'real' present!!
Nommy nommy rawhide! ZuZu got one too!

happy birfday to meeeee, arroooooo!!

I had a perfect day! I can't wait til next year!!


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