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harroooo! its been a while since i blogged. m&d were away on vacation and so i was busy entertaining grandmum and grandpops while they stayed over at our place.

m&d are back now and we haven't been up to much lately. the weather has been really rainy so i've been spending a lot of time curling myself up into a little ball and snuggling under the covers with mummy. plus i need to save up my energy for kissmas time. its coming up real soon!

mummy wonders how i make myself so small and how i can even breathe. don't worry mum! i'm nice and comfy! this is a picture mummy took under the covers. bol!

anyway, i hope everyone is doing well. just a few more sneeps until kissmas! i'm still waiting for mummy to make our kissmas cards...*tapping paws impatiently*....

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