a t.b. tree?! ♥ dog blog ♥ zuzu (schnauzer / heeler)

Dear Dog Blog,

Today we helped Mummy with her gardening. She called us her little cows cause we kept nomming on the grass. nom nom nom!

As part of her gardening, Mummy dug out some holes to plant her bulbs. I started thinking, what could be better than a t.b. tree?!!!...so I decided to try and plant t.b. in one of them.

Hampton thought it was a pawesome idea too and decided to get in on the action. He thought t.b. should have a bigger hole so he started digging - he's good at that. You can't see it here but his paws got pretty black. Mummy wasn't too happy with that.

Oh well. Maybe we'll get to plant t.b. next time....when Mummy isn't around!

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