out and about enjoying the sun in feb

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Look! The trees are starting to bloom. I love spring!


....uh wait. Its February. I'm so confused! Well anyway, we been having so much fun with this nice weather.

ZuZu has been getting extra ball time with t.b.


She is missing her cape in this picture. She usually wears it when she flys, I guess that's why her feet are still on the ground. Mummy says she looks more like the heeler half of her in this pic (btw her other half is schnauzer not raccoon BOL!):


While ZuZu was having fun with her t.b., I wandered into the forest grass. Mummy and Daddy need to do some lawn maintenance. The grass is almost taller than me! This is not good for the #extremeolympicpeeing twitter team I'm on. There is no snow here!



I also checked up on our garden. These bushes are doing well. I like to munch on them when Mummy isn't looking.


Most importantly I checked up on Starbuck's flowers. Looks like they are going to bloom early and soon they will be ready to pee on. What!? I have to carry on Starbuck's tradition!


Ok gotta go enjoy more time out in the sun.

Later dudes xo
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