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i hopes everyone had a good kissmas and is having happy howlidays!  one of my favorite things about  special occasions is that mummy bakes us something special. for kissmas this year mummy decided to make us our favorite peanut butter nom noms. ever since we started eating raw food we mostly have had blueberries or carrots for treats. but mummy said on special occasions she will bake us something special.

 here is me waiting on the nom noms:

finally, after what seemed like forever, the peanut butter noms were ready. here is a video of me and brofur hampton eating our noms. mummy says its really cute how my ears perk up when she asks me if i want "more"? what do you think?


if you want the recipe for these peanut butter nom noms click here
mummy also posted the recipe she used for my birfday pupcakes here

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