my babee pic & my pre-puperty voice

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Our twitter pals are sharing baby pics.

You can see Starbuck and ZuZu's babee pics in their previous posts called Then and Now (you have to scroll down to see the post).

Here's mine!

This is my babee pic at my birth momma's home when I was a few weeks old. Mummy says this pic made her and Daddy fall in lub with me. They said I looked so serious and mischievous. What's mischievous mean??


This pic is of me, my birth momma (she sneeping) and my birth bros and sistas the day before I went home. Can you find me?


Just for fun here is a short video of me the first week I came home, just having fun and playing around. Mummy says my voice is pre-puberty.

You can see more cute doggy babee pics of our pals on twitter, search #doggybabypics.